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Welcome to our Web Page:  

As the leader of this Union I express my pride in having members who are activist and that always show their solidarity to all progressive movements in our region and around the world.

In our Union, we represent members who work in manufacturing, industrial laundries, service workers, distribution centers and warehouses; we are in six western states, California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington. Our members are constantly struggling to maintain collective bargaining agreements that reflect continued decent wages, health benefits, retirement plans, paid vacation and holidays, language protecting our members who are immigrants, and most importantly to have respect and dignity in their places of work.

Our vision and commitment is to achieve the improvement of the lives of our members and defend what we have achieved, to demonstrate that a Union is the only organization that raises the level of living of the workers and who continue to organize the unorganized, who fight for laws that are fair for all workers and win justice for all immigrants, promote the development of our leaders through training workshops to achieve a strong and powerful  organization in order to continue our fight and achieve our goals.

In Union there is strength!

Si Se Puede!                Yes We Can!

 Regional Manager