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Western States Regional Joint Board – The Laundry Worker’s Union

Under the best circumstances laundry work is tough, but through years of organizing laundry workers, Workers United/SEIU has raised standards, improved conditions and increased safety throughout Southern California.  Workers United/SEIU’s density in laundry is very high, representing a majority of laundries in Southern California. High industry density and a number of hard bargaining fights, that include three major strikes since 2004, have yielded strong contracts with excellent benefits and protections such as: 

  • Excellent benefits- All Southern California Workers United/SEIU laundry workers have affordable medical and dental benefits for themselves and dependents, a union pension, holidays, vacation and sick days.
  • Safety and health provisions- All laundry CBAs have specific laundry safety and health provisions, as well as joint safety and health committee to address and prevent safety issues.
  • Commitment to diverse, harassment free work places- Workers United/SEIU laundry CBAs have strong protections for immigrant workers, including allowances for time off for appointments with immigration or U.S. department of State.  The CBAs also include anti-sexual harassment, ethnic and cultural diversity and anti-discrimination clauses.



Western States Regional Joint Board Committed to Maintaining and Raising Standards

Industrial laundry jobs are among the lowest paid and most dangerous private sector work in the United States today.  Yet, Workers United/SEIU has truly improved these workers lives through private sector unionization.  Affordable health insurance and pensions are nearly unheard of in even the best private sector jobs, yet they are a standard part of laundry collective bargaining agreements. Workers United/SEIU laundry area standards and union density were won through hard fights and a commitment to organizing.  

Industrial laundries provide a critical service that keeps hotels functioning, public and private sector workers protected from bringing home uniforms soiled with hazardous chemicals or pathogens, and allows hospitals to focus on providing quality care, yet the industry remains at the edge of the formal economy.  In order to have sustainable standards in the laundry industry the Western States Regional Joint Board is committed to organizing non-union laundries to assure workers have safe, dignified jobs, and consumers, patients and uniformed workers have safe, properly laundered linen and garments when they need them.  The Western States Regional Joint Board is fighting to bring about lasting change in the industry, to assure workers have sustainable wages, fair benefits and safe work places.