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Laundry, Linen, and uniform supply

We work at industrial laundry facilities the process healthcare linens for hospitals and clinics, hospitality linens for hotels and restaurants, and uniforms for several industries. 

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Distribution centers and warehouses

We work at distribution centers and warehouses for major retailers including TJMaxx, Levi Strauss, Kmart, and more. The distribution & warehousing industry is expanding rapidly throughout our region, and we demand that these jobs be good union jobs.

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We also work in other industries, from manufacturing to food service.

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Got a grievance?


1   Know your contract

Your union contract is strong weapon for defending your rights at work. Your bosses must follow the contract whether they like it or not. Read your contract and discuss it with your co-workers. Don't have a copy? Contact your union steward or representative and ask for a copy.

2   Take Action

When the boss violates your contract, don't wait for someone else to act. Talk to your co-workers, and speak up to management. Most issues can be resolved by you and your co-workers addressing the issue right away with management directly.

3   File A Grievance

If the company doesn't respond when you and your co-workers speak up, then contact your union steward or representative to file a grievance. This means the company has violated the union contract. Make sure to file the grievance within the time limits in your contract.


For more information: You can reach your union by calling 213-385-0271, or by e-mail at wsrjb(at)